ADB Lexpert Profile L 280w LED


300 watt white led profile spotlight designed to replace 1kw halogen profile units

The LEXPERT PROFILE is a white LED light able to produce a powerful, high quality light beam. The two versions available in the catalogue have different colour temperatures: warm (3200K) or daylight (5600K).

They are built to be modular: the body containing the LED source works together with an optical unit with either a 15°-30° or a 25°-50° zoom. The two zoom modules are perfectly interchangeable with each other.


• Excellent smooth light output
• Interchangeable optical unit
• Two color temperatures: warm white (3200K) or daylight (5600K)
• Powerful, high-quality beam (high CRI)
• Beam shaping system and gobo holder
• Extremely smooth 16-bit dimming
• Strobe effect and gradients effect
• Excellent thermal design
• 4 fan selection: boost, standard, silent, ultra-silent
• Noise: 30 dB @ 1m in standard mode; under 25dB @ 1m in silent mode